Online Review Class – Guidelines and Checklist – 05

For interested enrollees, click on the links below to download the following files for details on fees and requirements and enrollment procedures and details about CAT:

For enrollment, contact:

ALWAYS INCLUDE your name when inquiring/texting

Ralph Michael Licaros, MAAT, MBA, CPA, CAT, RCA, MICB

Head, Topnotch CAT Reviewers
Accredited Review Provider, NIAT Phils.

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Program fees
(inclusive of review fee, exam fee and lecture materials)

Student rate – for undergraduate students and recent graduates within six (6) months after graduation date
CAT part 1 (CB) – 4,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 4,000php
CAT part 3 – 4,000php

Graduate rate – graduates who are more than six (6) months graduate, but less than three years graduate
CAT part 1 (CB) – 6,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 6,000php
CAT part 3 – 6,000php

Professional rate – professionals who are more than three years graduate
CAT part 1 (CB) – 9,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 9,000php
CAT part 3 – 9,000php

For those who would not be attending the review (exam only), same program fees will apply.

Membership/certification fees are paid separately after passing the exams.