About CAT Certification

The CAT® Program

The CAT® Program is a globally recognized program of the National Institute of Accounting Technicians (NIAT) that grants the CAT® designation to the successful professional here and abroad.

The CAT® Program focuses on developing a strong base of technical accounting knowledge and skills; analytical, organizational and inter­personal skills; and professional values essential for today’s successful accounting professionals.

The CAT® Program is designed to be an intensive bookkeeping program that will equip the participant all the necessary skills for real life accounting work.

The CAT® Program is recognized to be equivalent to the CAT® designations of different institutes in the world, giving NIAT CAT®s access to memberships and recognition in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, the Middle East and Singapore.

What is an ‘Accounting Technician’?

Accounting Technician is a new terminology in the Philippine marketplace but is widely used in Australia and the United Kingdom to identify a range of accounts or bookkeeping occupations working in all industries and sectors. An Accounting Technician carries out valuable accounting and related jobs. They work at all levels from account clerks to financial controllers. They work in all industries and sectors and in organizations large and small. In small organization, accounting technicians maybe the only trained and qualified finance staff employed. In large corporation, they are crucial part of a balanced team working alongside auditors and management staffs.

Like many professions, accountancy is changing. Rapid technology development, tax reform and organizational restructures require broader and more flexible skills. Today’s Accounting Technicians play an integral role in the overall business management function and need to be equipped not only with core technical accountancy skills, but also vital complementary skills in areas such as IT, communication, leadership and time management.

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT®) Examination
The CAT® examination consists of three (3) levels:

Part 1: Practical Accounting
Part 2: Management Accounting
Part 3: Taxation Accounting

Certified Bookkeeper (CB) – CAT® Part 1 Examination

Successful passers of the Part 1 Examination are immediately eligible to apply as Certified Bookkeeper (CB) member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers of UK, the largest bookkeeping institute in the world with over 150,000 members globally. CB members who wish to provide bookkeeping service, particularly in the UK can avail of the Practicing Certificate sealed by the Institute, equivalent to Licensed Bookkeeper status in the UK.

Registered Cost Accountant (RCA) – CAT® Part 2 Examination

The part 2 examination of CAT® is accredited by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) of Australia to be equivalent to Registered Cost Accountant (RCA) designation. CAT® candidates can take this exam independently and qualified to apply as RCA upon passing.

Certified Accounting Technician CAT® Part 3 Examination

The part 3 examination of CAT® consists of payroll and taxation examination. This is the final exam to complete the CAT® examination. Candidates who pass all three levels of the CAT® examination can apply as CAT® from the Institute of Accounting Technicians of North America.

IAT Canada is the premiere professional body of Accounting Technicians in North America. The CAT® designation of IAT is accredited by various universities from the UK and Australia as equivalent to Bachelors degree in International Accounting and recognized by many professional institutes, including the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of UK, the largest accounting body in the world. CAT® members from IAT can in fact become as CAT® of ACCA UK without further examination.

Summary of CAT Examination Pathway:

Certified Bookkeeper = a student may apply to become a CB if he or she finished and passed Part 1 only.

Registered Cost Accountant = a student may apply to become an RCA if he or she finished and passed Part 2 only.

Certified Accounting Technician = a student may apply to become a CAT if he or she finished and passed ALL the Examinations (Parts 1, 2 and 3).

Benefits of CAT® Certification
When you attain the Certified Accounting Technician designation, you:

• Offer an employer proven specific skills and knowledge.
• Advance your career and increase your compensation.
• Put “CAT®” after your name, giving you the same distinction among bookkeepers that “CPA” gives to certified public accountants.
• Increase your value to your company or clients — Certified Accounting Technicians can and do take on new responsibilities.

CAT® Challenge Exam Syllabus

Module 1 – Recording Business Transactions
Module 2 – Drafting Financial Statements
Module 3 – Maintaining Financial Records
Module 4 – Reconstructing Incomplete Records, Constructive Accounting, Financial Reporting and Analysis

Module 5 – Understanding Management Information
Module 6 – Accounting for Materials, Labor and Overhead costs
Module 7 – Accumulating Costs for Products and Services
Module 8 – Budgeting for planning and control
Module 9 – Estimating Costs and Revenues for Decision Making

Module 10 – Preparing Payroll Computations
Module 11 – Preparing Income Tax Computations
Module 12 – Preparing Transfer and Business Tax Computations

Global Employers trust the CAT®

The CAT® is first and foremost an occupational qualification. You learn and develop by actually doing the work, rather than just preparing for the exam. We recognize your professional ability¬ not just your memory¬ which is why CAT® staffs are in such demand by employers.

The CAT® is recognized by employers across all sectors and all industries. The respect that employers hold for the CAT® can be a massive boost to your career prospects, whether you have already started out in your career or are taking your first steps. The CAT® will help develop your existing skills and help you gain new ones, which will open up new opportunities and give you the chance to prove yourself.

The CAT® title will also help you gain practical understanding and develop first-¬class skills in other areas, including IT communications and personal effectiveness. These skills not only give you extra confidence to make the most of your career, but they are held in high regard by employers.
Rewards of CAT®

The CAT® Program is the ideal certification for anyone wanting to work as an accounting technician. This vocational course provides the knowledge and skills to perform the tasks demanded by this role; it offers you the chance to gain a useful and practical qualification while studying at your own pace.

The CAT® Program offers great rewards. That is the reason so many people around the world take courses to become CAT®. But you will also know that the rewards are only earned if you are prepared to work hard towards your qualification.

The CAT® will give you valuable new skills and increase the value you can add to your organization thus paving the way for career development.

For a more detailed discussion, you may download the file thru this link: details about CAT (PDF file)