About Topnotch CAT Reviewers

Topnotch CAT Reviewers is one of the first review provider duly accredited by NIAT to provide CAT Review Classes.

The review group started a few years ago and is continually growing to be the premier review provider for examinees preparing for the CAT exams. The review group have review classes and exam schedules almost every month and has produced many exam passers with competitive passing percentage in every batch of review and exam. Aside from its face-to-face classroom setup review, Topnotch will be offering its review through online platform to provide convenient and quality review for CAT examinees.

Topnotch CAT Reviewers aims to:

  • promote CAT in alignment with its growth of becoming one of the in-demand certification, and promote NIAT Phils’ goals and objectives
  • provide proven teaching and learning techniques and, develop new methodologies to assist review participants thru the CAT exam
  • promote and develop students and professionals alike to become locally and globally competitive in the accounting profession

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Ralph Michael Licaros, MRIAcc, MIPA, AFA, MAAT, MBA, CPA, CAT, RCA, MICB

Head, Topnotch CAT Reviewers
Accredited Review Provider, NIAT Phils.

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