About NIAT Phils

National Institute of Accounting Technicians of the Philippines (NIAT Phils)

The National Institute of Accounting Technician of the Philippines is the largest bookkeeping institute in the Philippines representing over 30,000 accounting professionals. It conducts training and examination for bookkeepers and accounting technicians who want to enhance their bookkeeping and accounting skills through the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) program.

It is a professional organization for accountants recognized for their practical bookkeeping skills. The NIAT is committed to raising standards in the accounting technician industry through developing direct and practical educational and certification programs promoting an enhanced profile for accounting technicians with the highest level of professional and ethical conduct.

The NIAT was formed to represent the accounting professionals in the Philippines who work as accounting technicians in industry, government, academia and private practice. It has a mission to raise the level of recognition for its members, their specialized skills and the accounting profession in general.

Mission & Vision

The NIAT is a premier body of accounting technicians that strives for the recognition and employability of the accounting technician profession across all business sectors.

The Institute thus aims:

  • To promote and develop accounting technology and to encourage education and disseminate knowledge related to or connected with accounting technology;
  • To provide a professional organization for accounting technicians and by means of examination and other methods of assessment to test the skill and knowledge of persons desiring to enter the profession;
  • To further the development of accounting technology in the industry, government, academe, and private practice;
  • To provide continuing education programs as a means for disseminating updates and information in the discipline of accounting technology, and for promoting the CAT qualification

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National Institute of Accounting Technicians of the Philippines (NIAT Phils)
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