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PRE_REGISTRATION/RESERVATION Portal – Topnotch CAT Reviewers – 05


The following AVAILABLE 2021 SCHEDULES can be pre_registered/reserved via our PRE_REGISTRATION/RESERVATION portal:

  • May 2021 Online Review Class and ONLINE EXAM – May 2021 SPECIAL Schedule for May 23 Exam (CB, RCA, CAT part 3 / ALL LEVELS OPEN) | Review RVD – May 1 to 22 | NO Live OD | Exam – May 23 Online Exam

Online Review Class – Guidelines and Checklist – 05

For interested enrollees, click on the links below to download the following files for details on fees and requirements and enrollment procedures and details about CAT:

For enrollment, contact:

ALWAYS INCLUDE your name when inquiring/texting

Ralph Michael Licaros, MAAT, MBA, CPA, CAT, RCA, MICB

Head, Topnotch CAT Reviewers
Accredited Review Provider, NIAT Phils.

Visit us Online

Program fees
(inclusive of review fee, exam fee and lecture materials)

Student rate – for undergraduate students and recent graduates within six (6) months after graduation date
CAT part 1 (CB) – 4,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 4,000php
CAT part 3 – 4,000php

Graduate rate – graduates who are more than six (6) months graduate, but less than three years graduate
CAT part 1 (CB) – 6,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 6,000php
CAT part 3 – 6,000php

Professional rate – professionals who are more than three years graduate
CAT part 1 (CB) – 9,000php
CAT part 2 (RCA) – 9,000php
CAT part 3 – 9,000php

For those who would not be attending the review (exam only), same program fees will apply.

Membership/certification fees are paid separately after passing the exams.

Disclaimer: Beware of persons claiming to be part of Topnotch CAT Reviewers.

Disclaimer: Beware of persons claiming to be part of Topnotch CAT Reviewers. It has come to our attention that certain persons/entities are falsely promoting themselves as connected, representative or part of the Topnotch CAT Reviewers Team/Contact Persons/Instructors/Administrators.

Kindly take note that Topnotch will not be liable for any transactions of students/reviewees with persons who are not in any way related or connected or claiming to be part or representing Topnotch CAT Reviewers. Please be cautious and get to know first as to whom you are transacting with. To know more about the proper contact persons, please visit our website for Topnotch CAT Reviewers

Or verify with and contact the National Institute of Accounting Technicians of the Philippines (NIAT Phils)